MMSA strives to provide current, reliable information to the mining and construction materials industry. We endeavor to support safety and health education for all members of this community.


MMSA will be the preferred source of safety and health information and leadership for Minnesota’s mining/construction materials community.


MMSA will constantly strive to eliminate factors that contribute to accidents and illness, both on and off the job, through organized promotion and educational efforts directed toward workers, management officials, suppliers, employee organizations, government agencies, schools that teach safety and health, and any other enterprise with interests in the mining/construction materials community.

Executive Committee:

President – Stacey Hannover

President-Elect – Andie Gieseke

Past President – Ashley Gillund

Executive Director – Ashley Gillund

Social Director – Greg Oster

Membership Director – Andie Gieseke

Safety Director – Amy Sandelin

Program Director – Amy Sandelin

Website Director – Robert Weston

Director/s at Large – Steve Chouanard, John Scepaniak