When a miner is impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol, he or she threatens the safety and well-being of everyone at a mining workplace. To do your part to protect workplace safety:

  • Understand your company’s drug free workplace policy.
  • Follow it and set a good example for others by working drug and alcohol free.
  • Seek help if you or your co-worker(s) need it.
  • Notify management if you observe use of or impairment from drugs or alcohol that could threaten the health and safety of co-workers.

Confidential help may be available, often at no cost to employees.

If you and/or a co-worker are struggling with drug or alcohol problems, turn to services such as:

Remember: If you directly observe drug-free workplace policy violations or obvious, on-the-job impairment you believe poses an immediate danger to any miner on the job:

  • DO NOT DELAY or ignore the situation
  • ACT to prevent the miner from committing the unsafe practice, if at all possible.
  • NOTIFY your supervisor or foreman immediately.
  • BE WILLING to risk being wrong. When your safety and that of your co-workers is on the line, it is better to be safe than sorry.

For more information on keeping workplaces drug and alcohol free, visit Working Partners online.